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Hi Lynn,

It's very nice that you'll have soon again your Contaflex. Very interstingy, after you posted a previous message about the Contaflex, I loaded mine with a B&W roll and went out to make some pictures. As usually, it resulted into grat fun!. Please, let me share one of the pictures I took, title "Picnic Time":

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Cheers, Luis


Hello Luis, Nice to hear from you again. The image you noted is another nice one
I love those big old trees - the twisty gnarled branches came through well. The shadow detail is very good. I like the pleasing contrast of the image - not too high - the dark parts don't go too black. It add to the peaceful and calm setting.

I'm hoping to share some images soon myself. Before I sent the Contaflex back, I managed 1-1/2 rolls. Now they just have to come back from processing. Hopefully some will show off this extremely versatile and capable little camera.

The day that I thought I had damaged the Contaflex I was so upset that I didn't bother to go out shooting all weekend. I'm anxious to have it back; so many things I want to shoot with it. It has charmed me



i am looking for a tessar 2.8 50mm lens in good condition for a contaflex super i own....the lens on there now has some coating problems, ie it's bad and coming off....does anyone know who has a lens for my camera that i can find or how to fix this problem, is there anyone who repairs these things. the camera was my grandfather's and i want to start using it again


Hi Luis!

We exchanged messages on another forum a few weeks ago. I became so enamored of the Tessar on my Rolleiflex that I ended up buying a Contaflex IV recently. It works great, and it looks brand new. The focus is stiff though, so I will probably send it off for a CLA when I can afford it. Glad to have found some Contaflex discussion here. Like others have said, I find it incomprensible that these cameras are available so cheaply. They seem built as well as any Leica M I've ever seen, and they are a true pleasure to use. Since I've started using vintage cameras, I haven't touched my Nikon FM3a. I don't have a suitable scanner yet, so I can't post any photos just yet.


Hi Pierre,

Congrats on your Contaflex. Yes, they are cheap because when not in use they tend to develop some problems with the diafragm (not closing it quickly enough just after clicking), causing some overexposure, but I always "flex" her muscles either tooking pictures or at least one time every month, using every speed 5 times.

Please, don't forget to post your images. By the way, the following link shows one of my Contaflexes:

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Luis, Very interesting looking camera and some nice photos.
My Contaflex is a TWIN lens reflex.


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Does anyone have any experience using a newer flash with the Contaflex S or a Contaflex Super BC? I have both and I am chicken to try a flash. I have a Vivitar 283 and a Sunpak 120 JTTL (bare bulb)that I want to try (with Illford XP2). I realize that I will probably have to shoot manual. Any advice? My cameras are fully functional and the meters work spot on. I actively use them. They are a treasured part of my "camera family" so I don't want to ruin them. Also I would like to purchase back up batteries for the meters. Any ideas? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Greg


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Nothing to fear, you may use manual or automatic, with your flash units. Use X for electronic flash, M for bulb.

Your Contaflex S model gives you something no other camera to my knowledge has. If you rotate your aperture ring to the right you will see a two sets of numbers and a flash sign (lightning bolt) one set for 50mm and one for 35mm lens, those numbers are guide numbers. All you do is set the flash guide number to the appropriate setting at the index, focus, and the camera will set the correct exposure per your selected shutter speed. You can chose any sync speed. You will also notice that the focus travel will be limited by the guide number setting.

This may sound complicated, but once you get the hang of it you will truly appreciate it.

Good Shooting