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Contax 137 MA


New Member
I have a problem with my 137 ma contax body and don't see logical explenation: everything seems to work perfectly, but some, I repeat SOME of the photos are blured as if they were exposed with much lower shutter speed then they were. But, listening to the shutter speed tells everything is ok, except when the body stands still for a while (5 minutes or more) first shot with shutter speed below 30" lasts a lot longer! Like 8"! But the second shot and all the others are ok. (just sound ok, but the photos don't follow that pattern.
Still can't see where is the problem. I also have 139q, RTS and 167 MD, but I like 137 MA concept very much and I am veru interested in solving this problem.

Any Ideas?





I have 6 MA's and one does exactly as you described. Not sure what it is, and I've been meaning to get it to the local repair guy. Not much help, but just letting you know that you are not alone.



Hello Andrej, It may just be that your camera needs a simple cleaning from a good repair person. The exposures that do not come out right, do they look like the exposure might have been right, but that there is some blur in a sweeping pattern? It might be that one of the shutter blades is sticking. It will probably behave when it has been used several shots in a row, but then stick again when not in use often. This typically gets worse over time. It is VERY normal for older cameras and lenses to develop problems like this - the good news is that if it is just a sticky shutter, it is usually easily fixed. The greases or lubricants used in the cameras sometimes leak a little after many years, and get onto the shutter blades. The same thing can happen in old lenses on the aperture blades. Sometimes you can even see what looks like moisture on the aperture or shutter blades, which will help diagnose the problem. I hope this is of help. I don't do repairs, but I'm getting used to checking older equipment for these common problems. Please let us know what it turns out to be. Regards, -Lynn


Hello Andrej and Paul : I totally agree with Lynn. Your gear is needing some cleanning.
good luck.


Does anyone know if the 137 MA and MD have identical, removable backs? Looking to replace mine off my 137 MD, any advice is appreciated!