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Contax 137MA Broken Mirror update


Further to my porst yesterday I think I have managed a decent repair on my camera.
I managed to salvage a mirror from a scrap Olympus OM (took some getting out - had to use my trusty Dremel in the end) but unforunately it was about 1mm too wide to fit.
I decided to remove the chipped Contax mirror completely (using a heated very thin craft knife) and it came to bits. Scraped off the adhesive residue from the cradle, again using a heated craft knife.
I sought advice from the internet about grinding a little bit off the Olympus mirror and decided to have a go, using a silcon-carbide wheel on the Dremel, with plenty of water, having secured the mirror in a rubber-jawed table vice. The top of the mirror was just peeping out while I tenetatively used the Dremel (having first experimented with a piece of the broken mirror, gaining a bit of confidence).
I managed to trim off sufficient for the Olympus mirror to fit on the Contax cradle, and having given it a good clean with lens cleaner, attached it with a little epoxy adhesive.
Everything looked okay and I checked that the mirror would flip up properly against the foam stop (which I'd renewed) by using the Bulb setting on the speed dial.
Now I'm just waiting for the adhesive to cure and then I'll run a film through.
I was a bit gutted to see the chipped mirror but I feel a bit better now thinking I've managed to save a very good camera. I won't know for certain, of course, until I run a film through.
Hope this explanation will help anyone facing the same problem. It might be better to try to get a Contax/Yashica mirror (which should fit) without having to grind one down.
Fingers crossed now!!!!


If I had to do it myself I would have tried to get another 137MA being sold as a 'parts only' camera. Or picked up another working body and used the current one as a 'parts' camera.

Not sure how the Olympus mirror is going to affect metering and focus. Good luck!


Don't know what happened a few moments ago so I'll start again.
Took the advice of previous post and bought a scrap Contax 137MA (£20) to salvage the mirror.
The mirror came out all right and I was able to swap it for the Olympus replacement I had ground down without any trouble. Looks a lot better and the viewfinder is clearer.
While I was on I decided to replace the worn covers with leatherette, using the old ones as templates..