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Contax 137MD


Can anyone help. I have a 137 MD which will turn on but do nothing else. The mirror seems to be open a few milimeters but the shutter will not work. Thanks. Brian.


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I found that mine, after sitting around not being used since about 1989, had developed serious rot in the foam rubber used to provide light seals, and to provide some padding for the mirror. Malcolm Taylor was able to replace all the foam, but I haven't actually used the camera since as I haven't got around to applying the replacement Camera Leather leatherette. What I did notice was that the motor mechanism was pretty loud, in comparison to an AX and the Leica Motor for an M6.

By the way, Malcolm can't repair electronic cameras, not even the electronics in an M5, M6 or M7. So if it's not a mechanical fault, he won't touch it.



137 md

Thanks Nick, But I think it's a little more than the light seals and mirror damper in this case. I have replaced light seals, mirror dampers and done other minor repairs on yashica cameras and a few others but if its electronic I may be Stuffed. Ha Ha.


Contax 137MD Revealed.

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Finally managed to sort out the problem with the stuck shutter. I took the top plate off and found a black cog which I gently turned. Noticing that the reflex mirror appeared to be going down onto it's seating. I continued to wind until it was seated fully. The shutter then fired and once I had put the top cap back on it appeared to work fine.
So fingers crossed, hopefully it will continue to do so. Brian.