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Contax 159 MM focusing screens



To all of my fellow contax users:

Do any of you know where I can get a replacement focusing screen for my Contax 159 MM. I am looking for the standard FT-4 screen. Mine was damaged and I need to replace it.

If any one knows, please help me.


Probably you can get it from B&H... maybe HEH

(isn't there a way to answer off-line?)

I got my 2nd 159MM with standard screen, I changed
it to sectioned matte... but I think I didn't buy
the screen, just exchenged 1st (unrepairable) 159
and the 2nd one. So I have one standard screen
unused, attached in the unused (paper weight) one.
If you would send me your damaged one, I can send
you mine... well, if your damaged one can still
be mounted on my paperweight camera, and if mine
is not considered as "damaged"... 8)


Dear Muchan,

B&H does not have the focusing screens for the 159 MM and neither does KEH.

If you have a screen, I would be willing to buy yours.

I am very curious about how you changed your screen. Temporarily removing my focusing screen for dusting is what caused the damage. I had trouble reinstalling it and it got damaged. How did you replace yours? Did you send it to contax?

In general: if anyone has the original FT-4 screen for the contax 159 MM, I am willing to buy it. I live in the Los Angeles area. Also if anyone knows where I can get one new or from old stock, please let me know.

Please contact me at

Thank You, Eitan Adut


Hi contax 35mm SLR users, does anyone know wether there is/has been a Beattie Intenscreen (like Hassy/Minolta Acute Matte D) for Contax bodies other then RTSIII
THX, Rainer Nagel