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Contax 159 MM Information request


Well-Known Member
I have a LNIB Contax 159 MM with a red case that I am thinking of selling on eBay. I have the manual and remember it being one of the premier SLR's of its day (without the bulk of a Leica) and with new and innovative functions. When was it produced and what can anyone tell me about the camera?I used it once sparingly on a trip to France as a back up camera and had it serviced by Contax after that trip, so it seems to be in perfect working order. Any informtion would be greatly appreciated. I really hate to part with this baby. I would include a phot but the insert imagefunction doesn't seem to be working right now for me.


Hi Stan. I am interested in purchasing your 159MM. Would you consider selling it direct rather than auction?



Well-Known Member
Hi Gil, I haven't actually made up my mind on this camera. I admit to dithering about it and haven't found out much about possible prices. I am selling a lot of Contax and other equipment and admit to being attached to the 159 almost above all others. There is just something about its compact elegance. Anyway I will decide over the weekend and let you know before I do anything on eBay. I will, of course, send you photos when I decide.



Hi Stan, What other contax stuff are you selling? Is it listed somewhere i could have a look and be tempted? Antony