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Contax 35/1.4 vs Zeiss ZF.2 35/1.4 (or ZE 35/1.4)


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I was wondering if anyone had compared the old Contax 35/1.4 to any of the new Zeiss offerings? I had been separated from my Contax bodies for a number of years (miss them dearly), but I happen to have a Nikon F mount body. So, if I do not ever get to reunite with my Contax bodies, well a new Zeiss ZF.2 35/1.4 will have to be suffice... :rolleyes:



I do think that over the last decade there was a significant improvement in lens design. Not only at Zeiss by the way.

So the newer Zeiss lenses are simply better than the old ones, especially for DSLR usage, which has specific requiremenst which did not exist in the analogue times.

So go for the ZF.2 35/1.4 :z04_sabber:

Best wishes