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Contax 50mm x 14 MM vs Japan Contax 50mm x 14 AE Which is better


Need Help choosing.....

I have the RTSII and RX Bodies,is there a difference in value and performance between the 50mm x1.4 AE and the 50mm x 1.4, both made in Japan. Is one more desireable in the market place?


It may not have been clear. One lens is AE the other MM. Which one is the keeper is the heart of my question. Does the the AE version command higher resale value than the MM version or vice versa? Is there a difference in performance between the "ninja" shutter blades of the AE and the shutter blades of the MM model?


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Well, AE, being the newer version, has higher resale value.

I do not have these lenses in front of me but I can help you with the difference in blades. Look at the shape of the opening of the aperture in different fnos, the pattern of the shape is the pattern of the bokeh at different fnos. It is matter of subjective taste rather than a difference in performance.

I would get the MM for the cheap price because I never use Tv and P mode in my camera (not even Av for myself). Unless you use those modes a lot, you should get the AE.


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Hi, Ralph, MM (with green painted aperture) is the newer= the less old version. It is for Bodies from 159MM on in P Automatic mode.
MM style lenses are usually slightly higher in resell price.