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Contax 645 140mm vs 120mm



I need some input about the Contax 645 F2.8 140mm lens and f4 120mm Macro lens.

I am trying to decide which one will suit for me since I need a lens to do portraiture, still life and macro works.

I like the AF and faster speed on the 140mm. On the other hand, I like the 1:1 macro and APO on the 120mm.

Also, does anyone has any experience using the 140mm lens with extension tube for macro works?

Thanks in advance for your input.



I have the 120mm lens and find it is superb for portraiture. In fact, it is almost too sharp, every detail in your subject comes out. It provides great limited depth of field for super selective focus. I didn't like the 140 as the focusing distance didn't allow me to get in tight enough for the head shots I wanted so for me the only way to go is the 120.