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Contax 645 - EEEE error


New Member
Hi all!

I'm quite a newbie to this forum, so here's my hello! :)
Alright...onto the thread....

We are digital shooters but after being inspired by some of our favourite wedding film photographers I decided to get a Contax combo.

I love everything about our new Contax 645 + 50 f2 combo! However...we have a problem, and I don't quite know who else to I thought to ask here as a last resort.

This is our second body I bought off a photographer with the same issue.

It's completely random and I have no idea what causes it. I'll be shooting and everything will be going fine and then I'll try and take the next frame...and in the viewfinder in lieu of the shutter speed all I see is "EEEE" flashing green letters :( And the camera doesn't do anything at all.

I try turning it off, on, disassembling it, and nothing. The only thing that sometimes seems to work is taking the battery out, waiting then resetting it...and it'll work again! Then boom...randomly it'll happen again. I can shoot a whole roll without issues...and then another time it'll happen 10 times during a roll.

Some have suggested it's the brand of battery? But I tried different ones with the same issue.

I called the Contax repair center in Jersey and they had to send the 1st body to Japan because they say it's an electrical error with the board?! But now it's happening with my second completely unrelated body? I have my doubts. By the way, this body we have now is practically brand new. Everything from the prism finder to the body is immaculate! It even still has the plastic tape on the tripod plate.

Anyways, sorry for the long question but I am hoping some of you here know what this is and have a quick fix? Perhaps you encountered this before? Perhaps you have a solution?

I would love to hear your thoughts. I'm at a loss and want to sell everything and just stick with digital...but it makes me feel so sad to think I may need to do that.

Thank you all in advance and I hope to get this resolved.

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New Member

You might get a better response at the GETDPI forums, this place can be a bit slow, the other place is a lot more active and has plenty of contax 645 users there to help .

EEEE error

I have the same issue with an N1 recently bought on eBay. I bought it with a 24-85, with the aim of sending it off to get the lens converted by Conurus to EF.

My N1 EEEE freeze can occur after as little as two actuations! Removing the battery and re-installing after the display clears after some 10s clears it, until the next time.
This N1 problem reported on received an answer that the EEEE code is a commonly discussed shutter issue discussed on forums/ blogs (however my attempts to find such discussions haven't unearthed anything yet).

Good luck getting yours fixed.