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Contax 645 & Infrared Film (efke)


New Member
I used to shoot Kodak Hi Speed Infrared with my Contax G1. I had to have the infrared sensor physically metal taped off by half to keep it from fogging past the perfs, into the picture area. I now own a Contax 645 and EFKE is coming out with an Infrared Black and White film, close to the Kodak. Very Exciting for me. However I want to know if anyone has any experience with the infra red sensor in the Contax 645 fogging infrared film. And if so, what did you do about it?



Well-Known Member
Hello pmmitchnick--

I wish that I could help you with some information on this subject; however, I have not shot any IR with my Contax 645. If you have already pursued this project, I would really like to know of your findings concerning shooting and processing of this Efke film product. Are you planning to shoot the Efke 820 Aura film or the standard Efke 820?

Best regards,