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Contax 645 Kit UK based


Hi There, am selling my baby:

Am in/around the London area for those wishing to view equipment before purchase. Am a member of Paypal too - if that helps.

Two Contax 645 bodies
80/140/35 lenses
All lenses protected by cases provided and B&W filters Excellent condition
2* film backs
3* 120/220 film inserts
1* 220 vacuum film insert
Flash bracket
Waist level finder
3* auto extension tubes: 52mm/26mm/13mm
various B&W filters for black and white photography
Vertical grip/battery holder
Polaroid back
Electronic shutter release
80mm lens hood.

Genuine reason for selling - all in very good condition.
Would prefer to sell as a whole, but may entertain interesting offers on individual items.

email me at


PS - should have boxes somewhere - but assume not when submitting offer. If I can find them in my storage you can have them :)