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Contax and Zeiss Bundle Help


New Member
Hi newbie here, I have 2 Bodies and lens from 1970's with original manuals as follows:
Contax RTS1
Contaax RTS 11 Quartz
Yashima Right angle view finder
Sekonic L-398 Light Mter
Contax PMD Power Pack
Contax realtime winder
67mm Hood
67mm Contax1A mc Filter
Carl Zeiss Softar 111 67mm filter
Contax shutter realease
Contax infa red controller
Carl Zeiss planner 1.4/50 5846575
Carl zeiss1.4/85 t* 5805659
Carl Zeiss distagon 2.8/25 6457280
Carl zeiss tele-tessar 3,5/200 5808927
Contax 13mm expansion ring
Contax 20mm expansion ring
Contax 27mm extension ring

There is some fungus on two of the lens the rest is mint and not been touched for 20 years.

I am a keen photog from the digital age and not so familiar with these items, I know they are popular on ebay with some hefty price tags on some items.

My question is do I sell as a bundle as it is or is it possible to get the fungus sorted out before I sell. and of coarse any idea on how much this may be worth??


Active Member
you have to make a research on items sold on ebay to evaluate the price of your bundle.
some lenses can be sold with fungus. it depends on the what it cost to clean them.
contax and zeiss are good items and they have a good value on the market.


I think you'll get more money selling each item separately. Bundle those items that would normally go together, such as all three extension rings. I might lump all the filters together. I might even include the winder with one of the bodies.