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Contax Aria versus 167MT viewfinder


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For people who have both of these cameras, which do you find easier to focus? Which has more snap, or are they equal? Brighter does not always equal easier to focus. Thanks.


I am using Aria more often than 167, but I haven't noticed any differences. I've just compared them and I stil don't know which is "easier", for me they are equal. Both cameras share the same matte screens, FU-x.
If I were you, I would rather choose on basis of size, weight and ergonomy of those cameras. I prefer Aria for smaller lenses (or everyday use) and RX for more serious shooting. 167 is waiting for sale


Perhaps a bit off topic but I want to share this with you:

Yesterday we went to the Shackleton Exhibition at Balboa Park here in San Diego.

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It included a super giant-screen (60mm film) movie which nicely merged some current footage with films and glass-plate prints taken by Frank Hurley. I'm sure everyone has seen one or more ex&les of his work from that trip, including night flash-powder shots of the ship, etc.

The exhibition itself include most, if not all, of the prints made from the 120 glass plates they salvaged just before the ship was lost. (Shackleton had another 400 plates smashed so no one would risk his life going after them at the last minute). The 120 surviving plates were retrieved from the ship after they were underwater in a sealed box.

The plates and movie film were made in 1915 and underwent a harrowing trip across the ice in boats and sleds, and for 2 years on an isolated beach.

Getting to the bottom line, I thought that the prints (about 11X14) had all the detail, tonal range, and overall photographic impact as any B&W prints I have ever seen from present day technology.

I have no idea where the exhibit goes after Jan 11, but maybe the park site above will provide some info.

Still slightly on topic- I found a book on a bench in the exhibit hall. No, the book found me! It had a note saying "It's yours and it's free", so after standing around for a while I took it. Inside was a sheet with an ID number 439-1239115 and a reference to
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I now have found a way to distribute books with the chance that someone will read them, perhaps more than one person. Check it out.