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Contax Ax doesn`t look focused but the body says it is in focus


New Member
When I focus in close or mid range the split image in my AX show perfect alignment but when I focus at infinity like scenery the split image is slightly out (image doesn`t fully coincide) but my AX does say it is in focus by the beep sound and the confirmation dot. Is this normal? I also notice with my other Contax film bodies that at infinity in the split image screen I may not get perfect alignment as well. I`ve tried focusing both with my 45mm f2.8 and 50mm f1.4 lens on my AX. Thanks


Hello Radium, sorry that I missed your post but I've been away for quite some time. Welcome to the Forum.

One BIG question: you mention the 'mismatch' between the camera's and viewfinder's focus indications - how did the photos turn out? If the photos were correctly focused at infinity, then we can start to eliminate some possibilities; it would also be useful to know which other bodies gave you similar issues. By the way, does your eyesight need an adjustment of your dioptre setting?



Active Member
it is surprising that appear both with different bodies and different lenses.
as fas as i know, this problem can occure with the same body and different lenses. in that case, the problem could be the mirror wich as moved from his original place. or maybe the screen.
but with focusing at infinity, it could be hard to control the right focusing on photos even at wife aperture.


Active Member
Hi Radium,
i opened a thread to talk about this problem too.
i have the same problem with my AX body. i saw that it happens only with lenses from 50mm to wide angle lenses. it is worse with wide angle lenses. i do not know why.
also have rear focusing trouble at short distance, but in the view finder it seems to be in focus all the time. i exposed a film to check if the problem is the same between manual and auto focusing. i will receive the film tomorrow.