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Contax AX power problem



i have a problem with my beloved ax. i just had it repaired and returned from ontario having been sent

to contax in new jersey. they replaced mount after being dropped. i tried lens/camera out and functioned well for 2 minutes
then it lost all power. battery was fine, but replaced with new one and still didn't
function. nothing in viewer nor in display panal except 00.obviously shorted-out.
any thoughts? i would like to avoid mailing it back east again. i'm in vancouver.
thx. henry


Well-Known Member
Hi Henry

I think you may have to bite the bullet, and at least contact New Jersey by phone. You never know, they may offer to pay for the return or send a pre-paid return mailer. It's the least I would expect them to do.

Was it returned to you insured - it's worth asking, just in case New Jersey get stroppy about a re-repair. I don't think they have a leg to stand on either way, if they did or didn't insure it!

I'm sure you know that the battery is up to scratch, but why not try a test meter to make certain?

Cheers, and good luck, Bob.



Your problem may be a common one. I've actually seen quite a lot of them die out for no reason. I know of a fella who has his in for the third time now. Hopefully they'll find the problem because it was finally staying dead. Nothing worse than intermittent behaviour. I had a demo that did similar things, returned it for a new one. Two years and so far, so good.

Good luck


>thank you bob and paul. the canadian repair depot , nortown photo service >in ontario, will pay return delivery etc

including forwarding to contax in new jersey all under warranty. ah well another 8 week wait.. henry


Well-Known Member
Good luck Henry ... keep us posted. Hope they put it near the top of the list of "to do's".

Cheers, Bob.