Contax C8 Case


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Has anyone here used the C-8 case for the N1? Any opinions (besides the "man do I hate ever ready cases")? I picked one up from Calumet for very little $$$ but I find it to be one strange case.



ps- On second thought... let me know if you really hate them as well


Hi Kent,

I've got one of those. And I know what you mean by strange. I thought it would be more snug than it actually is - I'm not sure I could ever take it anywhere with the N1 inside. In fact I'm thinking of selling it on Ebay!!

As for ever-ready cases - they can be very good indeed - my Bessa's have very good cases. But generally, I find camera bags these days to be so versatile, I wonder how long the market for ERC will last for.

Cheers, Saras