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Contax D8 data back compatibility



>Posted by joan jordi on Sunday, July 27, 2003 - 12:26 am: > >Is the D-8 databack compatible with the RTS3 body? Of course, losing >the RTV feature.

A little help- I have a data back for my original RTS. Does it have a model number?

I haven't used it in years and it needs new seals, which isn't a big deal. The only disadvantage is that the date range dial only covers 75-93. I guess it was supposed to be worn out by now. The months, however go from 1-12 and then A-G so I might be able to still use it.

Getting back to the basic question, does it have a model number?

As a side issue, a query to Kyocera about a different date wheel didn't result in a response. No surprise there though.



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> Is the D-8 databack compatible with the RTS3 body? Of course, losting > the RTV feature.

I do not believe so. Does it even fit? It certainly won't transfer the aperture/shutter information etc. to the back... The D-8 was made specifically for the AX... It, and the D-9 for the Aria, are simply fantastic data backs, BTW.