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Contax flash


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If you cover any of it up you will lose the coverage pattern and could end up with a stripy shot. The best bet is to use, as SW says an ND Filter. Any make will do, and it doesn't need to be in great condition as there is no optical path involved. You can fit it to the flash with stick on Velcro strapping or even elastic bands. Give it a go, it works. One filter should cut up into two or even three strips. That gives you with a 2x ND filter, 2x, 4x and 8x factors.


>>Hi Dave,

Tested the CS140 and it is NOT TTL.

I suspect that the number of contacts is only an indication that a flash is TTL. And TTL capability is determined by the design of the flash itself. Thinking about it, most flashes just charge up the capacitor and discharge. It must take some extra hardware to allow the flash to cut-off part-way through the output

regards, Nicolas<<

Thanks for the follow-up Nicolas. Can I ask how you tested for TTL? Also, does the CS-140 have a light sensor? I don't see one in pictures. If it's not TTL, wouldn't it have to have a light sensor? I don't think this simply fires a fixed output to be regulated by aperture.

This flash has 3 contacts. It seems like there must be some additional interaction with the camera to require 3.



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I want to buy a new flash for my Aria. Does anybody know the difference between the Metz MZ54-3 and the TLA360?
I want to know, why the TLA360 has the double price of the MZ54-3.
What would other Contax-users recammand me?



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> Ballpark pricing, the TLA 360 is around 450.00 (US) and the Metz 54-3 is about 275, but then you also have to buy the adapter, which I believe is about 50 bucks. The TLA-360 has a second flash tube on the front, allowing for direct fill flash if you are using the flash in bounce mode!

The adapter on the Metz can be a hassle, but works ok ... just not great. Several people have reported some mounting/sliding problems. Personally, I'd recommend buying the TLA 360 first, and then the Metz for a backup flash.



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Price for the TLA360 is an atrocious rip-off, even worse than the Canon 550EX (which I did buy after gritting my teeth). If you accept some sacrifice in features, while remaining in-brand, consider the TLA280: $200 (USA white market). Mine was $120 second-hand, and works excellently on the Aria (dual tubes, no red-eye).


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Hello again,

Concerning my Aria I want to know if the motorzoom function of flashs have always to be set manually or can the Aria transmit the lens focal length to the flash (Which flash has this function?).
Does anybody know, where I can find informations about Contax flashs in the www?



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unfortunately none of the Contax MF-lenses (as opposed to the N-system or the 645) does transmit data concerning it's focal length. Thus you have to adjust your flash manually, even if it should offer autozoom capacities.
You'll find some useful information about Contax gear f.e. on
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Hi, everybody,

another question about Contax and Yashica.
Is possible to use Yashica CS220 or CS240 flashes with Contax 167MT?
Will they harm to the Contax's electronics?
Thanks in advance for your answers.



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What about the lack of information shown in a sca 3802 flash (40MZ2) within a 167MT, except the "ready" symbol?
This is not the case for an AX body which is showing iso + aperture


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There are only 3 pins on the hotshoe on the 167mt it cannot transfer the iso, so far as I am aware the aperture is not transferred on either but I may be wrong on that.