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Hello, I have just aquired the beautiful 21mm biogon lens in chrome for my black G2 (looks surprisingly beautiful). Just a few questions... Firstly any advice on using the lens; secondly is there a filter available for the hotshoe viewfinder to protect the front optic. Also, people mentioned that the hotshoe viewfinder will fall off, so what is the best way to prevent this. Finally, how bad is parralax error when shooting close up? for some G2 shots visit my portfolio at
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Yes that is correct I am a twenty year old photography student in england.

Glad you like my work!

Best regards, James Wakefield >
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> Hi James,

Be quiet ! The 21 hotshoe stays in place. I use a current filter with no problem. This is more than great lens, almost a friend ! Uses it as you can in any circumstances. My preferred place: people in shops or bar or marke without any space, no distorsion and I made some test: face to sun + face to see with reflects = NO FLARE ! Have pleasure

Nicolas Paris

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Congratulations, you'll love the 21!

1) Mind the horizon and your feet! Expect a certain amount of light falloff towards the corners. Normally this isn't a problem or even noticeable. Create and carry a small DOF chart with you. Ditch the hard case and use one of the Contax soft lens bags instead.

2) Never though about it. I suppose you could dig through the bins of older photo shops that used to carry film gear, there might be some filters thing available that small. Offhand I don't even know the diameter.

3) I use the finder only while shooting and keep it in a small drawstring bag clipped to the shoulder strap the rest of the time. It's not so loose that it will fall off without provocation, but if you're in the habit of slinging the camera over your shoulder for extended periods it could work its way off. If you want to use it this way, you could tape or shim it into place for peace of mind.

4) Once in awhile parallax error will affect careful centering of closeup images. I'm a little sorry that Contax didn't make the effort to put a distance adjustment dial on the finder. Anyway, study the provided diagram and be ready to shift your framing a bit. The 21 will have you literally atop certain of your subjects to take advantage of its unique capabilities.

I'd never owned a superwide lens before getting the 21 and am still learning how to take advantage of all it can do.



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> The 21mm is great. But I did have the viewfinder work its way off and > hit a hard floor. The glass seems to be fine, just the metal got > dinged. In case the worse happens in the future, does anyone know > where or how to purchase another viewfinder?


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> I can relate to the viewfinder falling off. I had it happen while boarding a train in Germany. Lucky me! It fell on the step and not down to the tracks or it might have been gone forever. Carry a small amount of masking tape and tape the sucker in position or find a way to wedge something between it and the shoe so that it fits tighter. I was really lucky as mine only received a slight cosmetic ding on the front rim. Re: Parallax - the lens is so wide that you can just about ignore it. But you also could just "eyeball" moving the center of your intended image slightly down in the finder (i.e. point camera up a few degrees after composing).


I am looking to sell my 2 g2 cameras and the 28mm biogon, and 45mm planar. I just bought them in the last week of november. should i sell aer keep them.


Can you use normal filter for the 21mm Biogon? or will be there some vigneting without bigger siced filters and step up ring ?


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I forgot to add in my last post. One can not use a 55mm filter with the 21mm lens at f/22. It will vignette.



To add to the discussion:

I always have the 21 viewfinder in the hotshoe as I shoot more then half of my slides with it. To prevent it falling off (it is indeed a bit loose) I put a thin piece of carton (or a thick piece of paper) between hotshoe and finderfoot. It works fantastic without any drawbacks (as with tape or glue).

If you still lose the viewfinder you will be able to buy a new Voigtlander 21 mm finder from:
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. It is from Voigtlander but I will assume it will work for the Contax lens as well.



Like Marc-paul, I've resorted to securing the 21 vf in the hotshoe with a small slip of paper or piece of film.
Anyone know if the Voigtlander vf incorporates similar cross hairs as the Contax for focal reference?


You also could use this stuff from 3M for sticking on photos on wals fridges etc.
It looks like chewing gum but it does not leaves marks and you can clean the camera with, it works well.
You just stick a piece under the shoe while put up the finder.
If you get it stuck under the shoe make shure you got toothpiks ready before mounting the flash.