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Contax G1 focus issue



I am new to the site and recently got a G1. I am thinking of also getting a G2. I am doing fine so far with the focusing--unlike some people. And I am amazed at the optics. I have, however,
gotten some blurred shots through glass. That is, the subject was on the other side of glass. I gather the AF beam bounced off the glass and thought that that was the distance? What is the easiest way to deal with such a situation? Just
guess the distance and dial it in?


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Another way is simply to identify a different subject at approximately the same distance as that of your original subject (beyond the glass), and to lock onto that.


I agree with David. It can take a few moments to get into manual mode and dial in a distance, and you can lose your shot or your desire. It is much easier to focus on an "easy" target that is about the same distance away and then re-compose your shot through the glass with the trigger half depressed. About the only time I dial a manual focus is when I want infinity on a tripod (and it won't lock focus when I have the tripod tightened and in position).


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BTW, a somewhat opposite problem can arise if one photographs reflections (for ex&le off a puddle of water).Sometimes the lens focuses at infinity, rather than on the nearby puddle. The same solution applies.


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I just had my first serious outing with my recently acquired G2 and I have to say I am a little disapointed in the IQ of the autofocus. It seems to get confused quite easily and then will not shoot. I know that one can change to manual focus but as I was on a scenic train, often the opportunity had passed. Interestingly my Kyocera S5 digital has the same problem. I did not have this problem with my previous Leica Digilux 4.3(Fuji). Perhaps Kyocera need to do some work on their focussing algorhythms and give us a firmware update. Any other opinions out there? Wilson


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Hi Wilson,

Did you try setting the camera to 'C' (Continuous auto-focus mode)? In that mode, it should focus more easily on moving objects, such as taking a shot out of the window of a moving vehicle. I had a similar experience, but afterwards realized that my G1 was set on 'S' (single-autofocus). Give it a try and see how it goes.

Mark Edwards


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Mark, Thanks for your suggestion. Having used the manual as my light bedtime reading last night, I had come to a similar conclusion - situation normal - if something really won't work, last resort; read the instructions! However the point I still make is that given that the scenic train I was on reached the blood curdling speed of 6MPH, the S mode autofocus should have been able to cope, particularly when I was trying to focus on infinity situations. When I have occasionally borrowed my children's cheaper APS/Digital autofocus cameras costing between GBP 75 to 200, I have never had this problem. I did not have the problem with my previous digital Leica, whereas I do have it with my current Kyocera. Now it may be that as Contax/Kyocera would claim that as their lenses/CCD are of higher precision, they deserve a more accurate focus and the software will reject focus situations, which other cameras will accept as being "good enough". I will give the C autofocus setting a go and see how it works out. I certainly hope it does as I was looking for a smaller, quieter camera than my RX/VS 35-70 to carry around and to replace my old Leica 11f, which can go into well-earned retirement. Best regards Wilson