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Contax G2 Arrived yay



My G2 arrived today! Very exciting, i have coupled it with a 45 planar right now. I would like to get another lens, but that's a ways off.

I got the Titanium version, it's brand new, but I was just thinking. Has anyone had any experience with the finish of the Titanium camera? Does it scratch easily?

I just shot a roll, so I am interested on the quality of my exposures, lets see how happy im going to me



I took "gaffers" tape which is matte black and covered the titanium finish. Not only to protect the finish but to make the camera less conspicuous.


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> So far as I can tell, the titanium does not scratch at all, but I think that part of that is the nature of titanium, whis both hard and does not stay shiny after a scratch. It's a better choice than black, I think. >


My only experience with titanium was my Apple Powerbook g4 which was made out of titanium, althought I think it was painted over, the titanium parts scratched pretty easily.

I've already sent off my rebate information



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The black does givce the shooter the option of being descrete. But it does scratch way too easily. Try some Kodak TN400C in your new camera. I've found it to be the best film forthis camera in C41. The ISO 50 Ilford also takes full advantage of the sharp lenses.


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My G2 "titanium" got scratched, both on a corner and the back door. The GG3 shade fell from about 50cm hight and got dinged and scratched, titanium is just a the color, if you baby it it will stay as is, if you use your camera as anyother it will show.


I don't think there is such a thing as a finish that does not scratch but the few scratches I have on my G2 don't seem to contrast with the finish too much.

Still I would have bought the black G2 if Contax had committed to it.


I have to say that with the abuse I have given the Contax titanium finish over the years that it holds up very well. I have a G-1, new in 1997, that has about 40,000 motorcycle tour miles on it, plus many days on the road using other transportation methods. Yes, there are wear marks and a few scratches, but this camera still looks very clean and nice, even when compared to my still virtually new (only 8,000 motorcycle miles to Alaska and back) G-2. By far, the greatest areas of wear is the tripod mount screw area on the bottom from fiddling in the dark.


hah - i dont believe scratching the camera is really important - if you don't want to resell it, obviously - my g1 has a lot of shine marks on it, from putting the camera in a pocket with stg as car keys :-(
in facts, that finish g bodies have seems to be pretty resistant to major damages. the only better finish imho is the chromed brass of some old camera: i have a '60 contaflex and it shines as the day it went out of the old zeiss factory.


My G1 has been thru two owners (me and somebody else) and it still looks great. I don't keep it in my pocket (my cell phone has a lot more dings). I have a bit of fluff in the 'finder, otherwise it's great.

Is anyone in San Diego? Sorry about the fires, but it would be a great photo op.



I have one other question. Anyone purchased a sync cord for their G2? Where can I get one?


My second G2 body with the data back arrived today. IMHO, there is only one feeling that exceeds the one I get when I hold a virgin G2.

What a marvelous piece of engineering and art. I simply love this camera and what it produces.


Ok, but its just a piece mettal. Proably made in china assembled maybe in japan.
After a while using you will get constipation and diarrhoea and some grey hair if there are any left.
Its just a camera to take pictures with, if you got when holding your camera in your hand a feeling like having a ejaculation you have to see your doctor.