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Contax G2 eye relief for eyeglass wearers


New Member
hello everyone, i'm new to the list!

i'm researching rangefinder cameras and my main criteria is having adequate eye relief to easily see the entire frame with my glasses on. other issues such as focusing, shutter speed range, etc. are important but to me being able to easily see the subject and compose is top priority.

i have found very little published about this and am querying user groups.

for ex&le, i find the nikon "high eyepoint" SLR viewfinder (F3, 8008, etc.) superb, while the olympus OM2 is a pain. my glasses are a high correction and i hate to have to "scrunch" the OM2 tightly against my forehead, and then shift around to see the corners of the frame and the exposure meter.

any comments from eyeglass wearers on how the G2 eye relief is? and for those who have used multiple cameras how it compares to the hexar RF, bessa R2, and leica M6? it would be great to find the "nikon high eyepoint equivalent" in the rangefinder world, if it exists!

thanks very much for any info!


> Unfortunately G2 does not provide adequate eye relief if u are using > eyeglasses like the F3HP. It does affect the framing and on more than a few occasions it cropped out areas that i wish i had captured.

But i have learned to live with it and now i do eye compensation but that can't be 100% accurate.


Well-Known Member
Tom, I wear glasses and I have just gone and tried my G2. Bryan is correct you do get a little vignetting but if I push the viewfinder back a little on my glasses (they are fairly flexible titanium ones) it is barely noticeable. Until you brought it up, I have never noticed it, unlike my old Leica, where I always have to take my glasses off to focus/frame. Note to Dirk - what about one warning for use of offensive language and then you're off the group? Wilson


>Note to Dirk - what about one warning for use of >offensive language and then you're off the group? Wilson

Wilson et al-

I think the problem w/ the poster who was using profanity is that he's obviously not a native English speaker and is probably unaware of the conotation of the word he's using. We may want to take that into consideration when assessing ewhat to do. As an American living in abroad, I can attest to how easy it is to offend with language w/out being aware of it ( I once asked where the jam was in the marche and was shown where they keep the condoms! Doh!)

Cheers to all, Tim v


New Member
wilson do you know what mag your leica viewfinder was (0.58, 0.72, 0.85) that you had the trouble with? for my perspective, have you ever used an olympus OM series to comment on how it compares to the G2 eye relief?

bryan what you are describing is what i hope to avoid -- but for me it seemed to be more often including things in the corners and edges that i did not want (with the OM2).

thanks everyone for the comments!


would like to second that proposal, get rid of types with such language.


Well-Known Member
Tom, I think the Leica I was referring to is pre the days of stated viewfinder magnifications it is a 11f where the rangefinder and composing windows are separate but next door to each other - not a great deal of help I know. I did have an OM10 some 20+ years ago and used to use it without glasses but with a -1.5 dioptre correction lens in a eye-cup/correction lens holder. However with advancing age, my short sight is gradually diminishing to near neutral and the built in adjustment on the G2 is near enough correct with and without glasses. I would have to say until I saw your post, I had not even thought about it but I have been using my G2 since I got it two weeks ago with my glasses on all the time without any qualms or difficulties in composition whereas I often take my glasses off to use my RX. Wilson


I think it's worthwhile to note that the G2 viewfinder's rubber surround does a good job of protecting eyeglass lenses, particularly plastic and coated lenses. Per a Contax tech, it was a feature added based on user comments on the G1.

I'll note that I have a preference for using the G2, or any camera other than a digital, while wearing contacts rather than glasses, but the G2 seems okay with glasses on.



Well-Known Member
I prefer wearing contacts with the G2 than glasses and the information inside the viewfinder is a bit dim in bright light making it worse with glasses. However, I cannot compare this to wearing glasses on another camera since I have only been wearing glasses for about a year or so. Scott


Hi, Tom. I'm wearing glasses and I have no problems overseeing the viewfinder of my G2. If I compaire it with other camera's (Aria, EOS3) for me the G2 is better, certainly indoors (low light), but I guess that is a rather personal thing... I love my G2 for it!

Good luck!