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Contax G2 New Boxed Guaranty 1 film shot



Hi, I am selling/Trading a brand new G2 body in mint condition. I have shot 1 film and cannot get to terms with it. This is just the G2 Body, no Lens (already sold it ...)

The Body is in excellent condition no marks, spots or dents, just brand new as you would get it out of a shop.

I might be willing to trade for a "responsible" SLR, rangefinder or Mid-Format camera (no 601's, eos 300's or similar)

The Item will be shipped out of Munich Germany, preferably to European continent.

I will consider all serious offers, both money bids as well as serious trade offers....



.... A 90mm lens can be included in the transaction. Not the standard 45mm or 28mm. I sold them already