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I have used a Contax 1 for a little while now I have used the 28 35 45 and 90 but mostly used the 35 and 90. I went on a vacation to central america Panama and took my g1 35 and 90 and got some good shots. When shooting slides some of pics were over or under exposed because of the lack of spot meter and being hurried because I was hiking with non camera people and had to keep up.

I just want to know what camera you would prefer to have. I mostly use lenses in the 28-135 range. I have used longer lenses but dont on a regular basis.

How is the G2 meter compared to the G1. I didnt have much trouble with the G1 on focussing. And I dont care about higher shutter speeds and more frames per second.

Also how do the Contax SLR lenses compare to the G lenses, having never used a contax slr....I know the G lenses are AWSOME.

ANy info will help thanks.
COlin THomas



I would say it is mainly a matter of personal taste.

I have G2 and Contax SLRs (not the Aria). If I had to choose one, I would get the SLR. The practical advantage of the G1/G2 may be autofocus and size and weight, but...

1. I love having spot metering as an option.

2. The viewfinder of the SLRs is brighter, has more information and negligible parallax error.

3. The C/Y lenses are (for practical purposes) as good as the G lenses. And you have many more choices.

4. The SLR is more versatile-- you can do macro and telephoto if you need them.

You have the potential of doing more things with an Aria than with a G1. If all you ever use is 35 and 90, then it's a matter of choosing autofocus vs. spot metering.

Good luck.



I have never used the G system. A local store has the G1 and G2 for sale in their window. I use the Aria and from what I can see, the G's are no smaller than the Aria. I think the Aria is great for street photography. I generally use lenses which range from 25mm to 135mm. For a long time I was useing my 35-135 VS zoom and also the 28-70 zoom then I fell in love with the primes again and now use the 25,45,50 and 85. As I work for a living the only time I can go photographing is on days off and weekends. So, I really can't justify the purchase of any more lenses. I think the Zeiss lenses, whether for the G system or for the SLR system are absolutly top notch.