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Contax G2 VS Pentax 645


Well-Known Member
Just wondering what camera system you would prefer to have?

I currently own a Black body G2 with 28mm and 90mm lenses + the TLA 140. I also have the manual focus Pentax 645 body with the 75mm 2.8 and a 135mm 3.5 + a pentax flash.

Just wondering how much larger I would be able to print a picture with the 645.

Let me know I need to sell one system.


New Member
Dear Colin,

With good technique and a decent scanner/printer you can make nice A3 prints from 35mm in my experience. If you need to go bigger than that and retain high quality than medium format is the way to go. It also rather depends what you want to photograph and how - there are substantial portability/convenience issues with your Pentax 645 which you should weigh up carefully. You may find that you will leave the 645 at home rather than lug it about on holiday for instance - for those occasions the G2 is hard to beat.

All the best,



New Member
I didn't answer your question fully - you could expect to print double or more the size of A3 (whatever that is called - A1?) on your 645 with pleasing quality. Although I have 6x6 cameras now, and have had a 6X7, the difference in quality between prints from those cameras and 35mm is pretty apparent even on A4 sized prints.