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Contax G23 + Zeiss 35-70mm lens fit in the Standard Case Contax GC22?



I asked this before, but received no response, therefore I would like to ask you all once again, does the G23 + 35-70mm lense fit in the Standard Case GC-22 with the long type Front Cover GC-212. It has different dimensions to the 90mm lense and therefore I am not sure if it can be used. Maybe somebody has any experience. Thanks.


Sorry got the part numbers wrong there. The standard case GC-21 does not fit G2 w/ vario sonnar, you require the part GC-112 front cover long.




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I was just curious why you are looking for such a case? I have traditionally found them to get in the way. Any tips on why it is necessary? There is a product made by Zing that is made of a material like neoprene that works well at protecting the G1/2 and is flexible so will fit up to the longest lens the 90mm snuggly and a little loose for the other lenses. Originally designed for "small" slr's with normal lens. It works great and surprisingly enough it can easily be used with my "small" FM2 with a 50mm lens snuggly. May want to give that a try instead of the over-priced GC-111/2


I wouldn't pay full retail price for a Contax case - best to look for one on ebay. When you've paid a lot of money for a Contax kit though it's nice to have a genuine leather case to finish it off. Personally I won't be using the case while shooting, just to protect the camera when it is in transit. Do you have the part number for that zing case because I would like to purchase one for my G2 with vario sonnar just to see if I like it better, thanks.


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Hans Peter,

I have this combination and it fits well - there is actually more room than required in the front case (GC-212) - I have both a UV filter and hood attached aswell. It is an expensive combination (as many have already noted), but the solidity of the camera case has saved my G2 a couple of times. The case itself is not ideal for tripod use, nor for portrait (vertical) shooting - the front piece does get in the way (and is too awkward and large to take off and stuff in a pocket) - but is great with the 35-70mm as an easy-to-carry, cover-most-situations, combination (put the TLA200 in your pocket) and for looking the part of the non-threatening tourist.

If I to choose again though, I would not buy either the case, or the 35-70mm and would stick with the combination of primes (I use 28, 45 and 90) and the G series nylon system case (cheaper than the GC leather case and front piece). This is not due to any perceived quality issues with the 35-70mm (I cannot fault its clarity or quality), it is simply that I feel more comfortable with the primes - I know what I will see with the respective focal lengths, and actually prefer moving my feet to get the better shot, rather than zooming the barrel.

Also, I find that the loss of framing view (with the 35-70mm), in an already small viewfinder - is distracting, and the reduction in maximum aperture to be restrictive on occasion. But it's really about what works for you and your own style of photography.

Hope this helps,

- David



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James - this is the zing cover I am talking about,

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You can get it in burgundy/black, blue/black, or green/black they are reversable. Hope this helps. I bought an eveready case for my Nikon F100 and I never use it - so it sits in the closet.
Time for e-bay


Thanks for that. Will this zing case happily fit the G2 with sonnar zoom lens? In response to what david said about selling his zoom, I too have the same concerns with reduced aperture which I why I have decided to purchase a 45mm f2 to complement it, but in terms of being able to change focal lengths rapidly which is especially important in my type of photography (social documentary, I think nothing beats it. I also don't like the idea of carrying three lenses around - the fact that a good range of focal lengths fits into one small package is one of the reasons why I got into the G2 in the first place, but I'm sure using a 45mm again will teach me a few new things. James.


> I have bought 2 Optech cases in neoprene to protect my G1 and G2. I =20=

> think that they would contain the zoom as well. However, they are =20 > slightly inconvenient in that the whole case hangs off the lens with a = =20 > little strap when removed so you have to be careful to hold it when =20=

> taking photos to avoid obscuring the lens by accident. Chris


Hi Folks

I am wondering about the noise concerning the "right" bag for G2 and accessories. Why not take all the stuff to the dealer and try out the bags? Somtimes I am wondering about other mails as well. There are "problems" they often could solved with reading the manuals. For me, they are not bad (manual for G2 and TLA 200). The only weakness of the G-system is, we have to read the damned <font color="ff0000">•<font color="ff0000">•<font color="ff0000">•<font color="ff0000">•<font color="ff0000">•<font color="ff0000">•<font color="ff0000">• manuals! ;-)

I wish you all much success and pleasure with this very fine system.

Hans Villars from Switzerland


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James, The Zing case fits the G2 and 90 sonnar very well and seeing at the 35-70 is slightly shorter than that I believe you should have no problem with it.


re. The Zing case, it fits the Vario-Sonnar just fine, even fitted with a lens hood and 55mm cap.

The only combination in the G system I know it won't accommodate is the 90 *with* the hood. As noted by Almon, the 90 itself fits fine.

A nice thing in my view about the Zing case, especially once it gets a bit rough looking with extended use, is that your jewel-like G looks very ordinary inside, a bit like a supermodel wearing a ratty raincoat. All presuming you're not hung up on appearances, of course!



Almon C. Dao was so kind as to inform me of the Zing Case for the G2 + 35-70Vario lense. He also sent us the link as to whereabouts we could get this case.
I now looked into this, and found the case to be quite reasonably priced, at 29,95 USD. But the problem for us Europeans is, that we have to pay between 26,25 and 36,25 (depending on delivery service) for the postage , and then I have to pay 20% purchase tax of the total sum of price + postage, which brings me up to 63,84 USD with surface mail.
Does anyone know of a European Distributor for the Zing Cases?
Thanks and regards from Vienna, Austria.


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Dear Hans,
Speed Graphic in the UK sell the Zing Cases. Their URL is
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I bought a Zing case from them last year for my Aria.It alsao fits my RX bit I cannot remember which model it was.
Hope this helps.


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Hello. I am new to the list. I realize that this started out as a lens thread, but I did have a question about the Zing case. I have a very compact canvas case for the whole kit, but would like something to protect just a body/one lens combination. Which Zing product serves such a purpose for the G2? In the Zing literature they only recommend a pouch with flap for the G2 and an actual case for the G1.

Thanks, Larry


I have been using a 45mm F2.0 witht he G-2 and the pics are just the best-better that Leica
cant bel. the color and contrast -using Kodak Gold
print film-
just shot roll of Fuji 800 print we will see!


Lary - Welcome to the forum. Glad you like your G2. IMHO it is one of the finest cameras made. I have used over 40 cameras of various brands and formats in my 50+ years in photography and the G2 is my favorite.

Remember - there are not stupid questions, so don't be afraid to ask. There are a lot of good people in this forum with a lot of experience.

Jim Slater