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Rumor Contax hack


New Member
Hey guys, I am new here... so sorry if it is not the right room(or so my english is a bit rusty) i bought a Contax 167mt and a 137ma with a zeiss lens a few weeks ago and i love to shoot them. I read a lot about the cameras and saw a post where a guy mentioned that there is a hack to make the program modes work(on the 167) even though it is not a MM Zeiss lens. He wrote that it is very easy, but didn't mention how to do it. Can anybody help please.


Hi - that's news to me. I've always assumed only Aperture Priority and Manual modes were available when using AE lenses; I've never heard of a 'hack'. which suggests a firmware modification using a sequence of key presses. I'll trawl through 167MT information to see if I can find any reference to a work-around for AE lenses...

Peter Robinson

New Member
The only thing I can think of would be to manually move the AE/MM switch into the MM position and hold it there with something. If the camera thinks an MM lens is attached it will allow the MM modes to be used. I've never quite worked out, though, what the difference is between the AE and MM version lenses but you would think there is some difference so, just because you force the camera into using the MM modes, doesn't mean they will work properly.


New Member
Thanks for the fast replys! I just bought an 1.4 MM for really cheap(150€ mint) so i won't force the camera into anything that could cause damage. I won't use the program modes a lot anyways but it's weird for me to have a feature on a camera that i can't use or at least try. Thanks again!