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Contax History



The spring cleaning at my house led me to finding these six classic books about Contax history.

Anyone intested - don't hesitate to write me back.

'Das Contax reflex system - RTS, 137Q, 139Q' by Heinz von Lichem. 206 p. Cameras, lenses, accessories described and their use explained. Richly illustrated. Laterna Magica 1979. EUR 15.

'Contax-Geschichte - II. Teil 1945-1982' by Hans-Jürgen Kuc. 110 p. All the secrets of Contax-history revealed by a highly commited historian. Richly illustrated. Mint. EUR 20.

'Zeiss Ikon General Catalogue of Cameras and Amateur Photographic Apparatus, Accessories and Sensitive Material 1936'. Complete reprint of 68 p. English catalogue with detailed information on every item. Richly illustrated. Hove Foto Books. Mint.

'Zeiss Ikon Cameras 1926-39' by D.B. Tubbs. Hardback. 144 p. Richly illustrated. Hove Camera Foto Press 1980. Mint. EUR 15.

'Zeiss Ikon Contaxphotographie'. Beautiful reprint of authorized handbook from Zeiss 1938 with detailed descriptions and specifications of every camera, every lens etc. 116 p. Richly illustrated. Mint. EUR 15.

'Ihagee Kameras'. Photografic reprint of complete 32 p. Zeiss-catalogue 1939. All camera-models, all accessories included. Richly illustrated. EUR 10.

Kind regards,



> I am interested in the book by Kuc, can you provide with your emial add= ress so that I can contact you directly?



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I just returned from Europe where I found, in a flea market, a Like New Contax S with F2 Sonnar lens which is marked Zeiss Jena and is T coated.
I am not actually home yet so cannot look this body up in my McKeown's Guide. It is like new.
Rangefinder images do not move and shutter hangs up at low speeds. I am looking for an idea of its value when restored to operating condition.
The body is completely unmarked and does not even have any "Contax bumps." I bought it with the idea that it could possible be a counterfeit although, after close examination, I cannot find any indicator of such. The camera is physically perfect without any strap lug marks or scratches or bright spots. Any info anyone could provide as to its value and who I should contact for repairs would be appreciated. The serial number is S 20709. The lens is a 5cm, F2 Sonnar T, Carl Zeiss Jena. There are a couple of very minor spots on the front and rear elements but otherwise, the lens barrel is like new and the diaphragm functions as new.


Henry Scherer is the man to contact regarding repair. I'm not at the computer with his site stored, but I believe it is . If that doesn't work Google will give you his site. Henry is an absolute master when it comes to Contax repair, the best of the best! Congratulations on your find, enjoy.



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> Thanks for the info. Upon returning home I looked up the camera in my McKeown's Guide. It is a IIA, made in Stuttgart in the early fifties. The "S" in the serial number obviously refers to Stuttgart. I bought it in Nice, France for 125 euros, around $150. It will be well worth putting a couple of hundred in repairs into it as it is mint on the outside and appears to have never been used or at least, used very sparingly and cared for carefully. Both the shutter and RF need overhauling. Finding it was a highlight of our trip. Thanks again for the guidance. Dale Herrington, Roseville, CA (ebay id xkodaker)


I highly recommend Harry Scherer; he has re-built a Contax IIa and IIIa for me and any number of Contax lenses. Using a Contax IIa that has been returned to factory spec is a revelation. Here is his website
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