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Contax IIA Camera store new


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I purchased a like new IIA in Nice, France a few years ago because it was cosmetically perfect. No scratches, abrasions, or dents. NO Zeiss bumps. It was a basket case inside. I turned it over to Henry Scherer and it now works as new. The body, as I stated above, is just as it was when it was sold by a camera store in the early fifties. It is a Stuttgart made model. The lens, a 50mm F2.0, is in fair shape with some discoloration in the front coating. I would like to sell it to a legitimate collector because I know my sons would not know what to do with it after i pass on. They would probably put it in a garage sale for twenty dollars. Can anyone suggest the best way to sell this so that I receive a price based on its very unusual condition and that gets it into the hands of someone who will preserve it for posterity? Thank you in advance for any reply to