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Contax Lens Coating Are there Differences



As I have been examing the two 50mm x 1.4 contax lenses, AE & MM, for differences in manufacturing I noticed the following. Under an OTT full spectrum light with a twin tube element, as you rotate the front of the lens left to right and back, you notice the coating on the lens through a reflection on the lens, sort of a direct cats eye reflection of the actual flourescent bulb. The coating on the AE lens show less saturated colors than the MM lens. Green is more more predominent in the reflection on the MM lens as the colors seperate. This is holding the lenses exaxactly the same angle. (very close anyway).

Would this indicate that the T* coating is either different or heavier on one lens than the other. Would this effect the color rendition on the actual photograph? Was there a change in formula of the coating as years went on and applied to newer lenses?


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It seems to me very improbable that the T* coating could have remained the same in a period of over 30 years (talking only about Contax lenses). Zeiss must have developed a few improvements unless this coating was perfect to start with. One thing I have personally noticed is that the older lenses' coating seem to be somehow softer than the more recent ones. Many show cleaning marks but this could be caused by the age of the lenses and their longer usage than the coating itself. As far as I'm concerned, more recent lenses are always better.