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Contax lens hoods wonbt fit heliopan filters



I have a G1 & just received some Heliopan UV filters for my 45mm & 90mm. The lens hood for the 45 does not seem to fit the new filter. The size is OK, but the hood runs out of thread before it is tight. The hood & filter seem to only have a small area that is threaded & the filter threads pass this point & then gets loose. It may stay on, but it rattles (not acceptable). Is there a work-around or am I stuck?


New Member
kevin, a unrelated topic, where do one get a lens hood for g2. the manual do not mention the hood as an accessory; i check one retail shop carrying contax camerars but no hood. calvin


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Calvin, in the US I get my caps and hoods from they are by far the least expensive that I know of. The lens hoods are as follows,
Model GG-1 for 28mm, and 35mm lenses
Model GG-2 for 45mm
Model GG-3 for 90mm (can be reversed onto the lens for storage (has soft felt to hold in place)

The GK-54 - is the 57mm aluminum cap that goes over these hoods since the original caps will no longer work with the hood in place.


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I had the same problems. I meet Heliopan at the Photokina.

Heliopan has two filter-types:
a) the "slim"-line (thin filter ring)
b) the "normal" (thick filter ring)

Whith the "thick" filters there will be no problems!