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Contax 'mirror slip' problem.


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I am looking for information and guidance on this site regarding the mirror problem with Contax cameras. I have owned 2 Contax cameras(bought used)for 5-6 years. I have not experienced the above problem, and was thinking of looking for another Contax. However, in the last 2 weeks I have seen information about it, and it can go back to the earlier Contax models in the 13- series. It is now putting me off buying another one.
I have seen a posting here by trooper, re his 137MD, in January, 2011, and it appears to be the same type of fault.
I live in the UK, but a person in the US was quoted, I think, $200 for the repair, and he had 2-3 models where the mirrors had slipped.
Am I being to wary about buying another ? I did have the RX, or the ST in mind.
Any useful information would be appreciated.


New Member
Mirror slip problem on Contax slr's

I have a couple of 137MA's which showed mirror slip. While a heat gun softened the adhesive enough to allow re-positioning, the adhesive's memory caused the mirror to slip down again after a few days. I decided to do a more permanent repair involving removal of the mirror and replacement of the adhesive tape, which has held well for several months now. If you search the Classic Camera Repair Forum for "137MA mirror" you'll find a couple of threads with more detailed info on this problem, which you may find helpful.


I just posted a YouTube video detailing the "heat gun fix". I added the step of putting the camera body in the fridge immediately after, to hopefully "freeze" the adhesive in position. It has held since yesterday with a lot of shutter fires, but admittedly, I've put no film through the camera yet, especially in warm weather.

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Hope it helps...


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In another thread regarding mirror slip on the RTS II, I mentioned that I made the repair by adding a line of silicon (fish tank repair) at the edge of the mirror. So far since 2003, the slippage did not come back.