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Contax N and CY MM or 3rd party lenses Novoflex Tamron


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Has anyone looked into having an adapter for Contax AE/MM lenses custom-made for the N1? Even the 2001 test report in Pop.Phot. talked about this as a desirable option. Would such an adapter allow for aperture priority and manual metering on N1? I suppose the lenses would have to operate stopped down because there is no mechanical transmission to stop down the lenses on the N1/X/D.
BTW, I wrote to Novoflex Germany about an adapter for the N1 for their follow focus lenses and universal bellows and they replied they can custom-make one for EURO 180.


Hello Jan,

I've just been on the phone talking to a Contax Dealer about bellows for the N system - and he wasn't aware there was one.

But you may have provided an answer for me!! I wasn't aware an adaptar could be built - do you know how much the whole outfit of the adaptar and bellows would cost? And what is a follow focus lens?

Any help you can provide would be appreciated!!

Cheers, Saras

PS Spoke to a company over in the UK about adaptors. They felt an AE/MM to N1 would be difficult. However, interestingly, it may be possible to mount the C/Y lens to the new Olympus E-system Digital Cameras!


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To see the Novoflex Products go to
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then look under Macro Accessories - Universal Bellows Pro. You will find info about their follow focus lenses too, The same adapter should fit those. The info about the custom-made Adapter for N1 (code: CONTA-AF) came from Novoflex's customer rep R. Hiesinger ( His e-mail is dated Feb. 19, 2003. The Universal Bellow Pro is also big enough for medium format. They may be able to make a 645 adapter too. Let us know what you find out. I will be interested in both adapters myself once I switch to N1/645 (still undecided given Kyoceras current marketing "strategy").
Hope this helps.