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CONTAX N EBAYwhats going on

the camera i have relisted on ebay, i can say has been my worst ebay experience..
what is it about this camera...massive interest...during bidding.
then soon as auction is over losing all interest...
5 or 6 scammers, from china,romania,newyork..putting up their own adverts with my photos in..
people trying to hack into my account..people making verbal and physical threats...
the winner giving me negative feedback,because i opened a non paying dispute,because he refused to pay for the camera..
this camera seems to make humans behave in an odd unreasoning fashion...all i wanted to do was to raise some cash to buy a 17-35 and 100mm macro...


Well-Known Member
Hi Alan,

I saw the antics and was a little surprised, having used ebay lots, usually to sell Contax & Zeiss items....maybe you should sell the N direct over this forum? there is a buy & sell section. I have received in my time 2 negs on ebay myself, both from non payers !!! the ebay system in this respect is frankly crap, I cannot see it is beyond their wit to ensure genuine non payers are unable to leave feedback. By the way, I have a like new boxed N 100mm macro if you are interested.