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Contax N1 and Infrared film




The N1 manual tells me it is not possible to use B&W infrared film with the N1...does anyone know why?




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<The N1 manual tells me it is not possible to use B&W infrared film with the N1...does anyone know why?>


My guess would be focus. Although, I do not own a N camera, the cameras I own that do allow for infrared film have a focus indicator on the lens to compensate for its .




From a very comprehensive photo site:
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> Does the G1 cause any fogging with Kodak High Speed Infrared film?


Thank you for visiting our website and for your interest in our
products. The G1 does have an infrared film counter inside the camera
which is part of the film advance system. You can have your G1 modified by
our service department for a cost of $50.00, which is diminish the effects
of the infrared beam, but still cause some fogging on the very edge of the

To have this done pleas send your camera to:

Kyocera Optics Inc.
Contax Service Dept.
2301-200 Cottontail Lane
Somerset, NJ 08873

Thank you,

Mary Brosius
Technical Support

Good luck!!!!!!!!!


Thanks JW and Gilbert. This was helpful, I am not sure if my RTS III will give me the same problem. I have never used infrared film before and therefore would like to try and make a few pictures of sea-/landscapes just to see the effect. Perhaps I will try my new Hasselblad instead, there are certainly no IR filmreaders in their film backs as loading film is entirely manual. Thanks guys!

Regards, Vincent


> Hello all

If I'm not mistaken the film counter window, in any camera that has one, can allow in infrared light. If you buy a roll of IR film you will notice the little film canister has a sticker on top that warns against opening the little plastic can in anything but total darkness. Evidently the metal canister is not enouph to block out IR radiation. Not sure if the N1 filmback is sufficient. Maybe you could cover the film window with something and guess at the IR focus difference and be OK.

Kevin Bonds Nashville Tn