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Contax N1 Mirror Lockup



A nice feature of the N1 that doesn't appear to be documented in the manual is the unique way in which the 2-second timer delay operates. The mirror locks up first, followed 2 seconds later by the shutter release. So, if you are caught without your cable release (or think that the mirror causes vibration in the 70-300 at 1/15 shutter speeds) you can capture a vibration-free shot using this method. Try it.


Just noticed that Dirk mentioned this feature in his opening post...


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Yes, the mirror lock-up feature in the 2 second timer delay is great. For me, it is faster that looking for and press a dedicated MLU button each time. I just set the 2 second timer delay in my N1 or C645, and shoot the entire photo session when vibration is a concern.


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This feature of the N1 is called mirror pre-fire and is present on the Canon D30. The Contax RTS III has MLU but no pre-fire, which gives a different photographic option:

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As Albert said, pre-fire is better than MLU during an extended shoot. An RTS III in that situation might benefit from an external finder, silly as that sounds!