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Contax N1 with 645 lenses


New Member
I´m using a 645 and want to buy a digital SLR. Besides of the price :-(, the N1 is interesting for me, because I can use my 645 lenses. Does anybody have experiences in doing so? If you use e.g. the 80mm: Is it a tele on the SLR or a "50mm" SLR lens? Can you use extensions for makro?
Last, but not least: Does anybody know prices in Europe, America and Hongkong for the body?


I'm currently using 645 P80/2 on my N1 with NAM-1. The focal length stays at 80mm, so no worries. I like the setup a lot. It's bright enough to be useful and much smaller/lighter than N85/1.4. P80/2 is awesomelly sharp too.