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Contax N70-200 converting to M42 mount?



I would be interested in your opinions. Especially conurus and Luis.

Would it be possible to convert a Contax/ Zeiss N 70-200 zoom (the Contax autofocus line) to M42 mount?

I do not need AF. I use only aperture priority. So the functionality available with M42 lenses would be o.k. for me. I use currently my SD14 among others with Zeiss ZS lenses (also M42 mount).

Thanks in advance


All N-series lenses are equipped with electromagnetic diaphraphm for aperture control. The aperture ring you see on the lens is not physical but "fly-by-wire". The aperture won't move a millimeter without an electronic command coming from the camera body.

Guest .

Hi Conurus,

thanks for this information! :) You answered a question, I yesterday did not dare to ask ..... did not want to demonstrate my ignorance on Contax N series lenses. All I was able to find out on the internet was, that the lenses have their own "aperture ring" for adjusting aperture values.

Well, as you explained, they make use of "fly-by-wire" automatic aperture using a different protocol ... different from the SIGMA/CANON standard.

See you with nice pictures