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Contax ND and splitfocusing screen FX1



I wanted to use my split focusing screen FX-1, which I bought for my Contax N1 now in my Contax ND.

With my N1, I have to change in the camera settings something (CF..., do not remember the number anymore), to accomplish this screen. It was either for the AF to know that a different screen is now in the camera, or it was for the light metering of the N1.

In the manual of my Contax ND, I do not find any information about it. In fact there is no indication that if FX-1 is used instead of the standard screen, something in the costum functions has to be changed at all. Is this correct?

In the ND manual, some CF settings are just missing compared to the N1. According to the ND manual, this is "normal", whoever knows why...

Has anybody had problems with the FX-1 on a Contax ND?

Thanks in advance


Well-Known Member

I have an FX-1 but have yet to try it on my ND. I am anxious to hear feedback frmo those who have used them.

I hope you're enjoying your new camera!