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Contax ND Sensor Problem


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I bought a new ND on ebay about 3 months ago. I sent it to Tocad, who sent it to Japan, because there was a hot pixel line in all of the photo's. After 2 months, I got the camera back this week. However, I get a line in the same place in all of my images. In the image attached, the line is in the upper right corner. The picture was show in RAW and converted to JPG. The line shows in both file formats.

Appreciate any insight.




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Sorry about the first post. I cropped the image to get to an allowable file size. The line is in the upper right corner.


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One of my NDs does that also. Only when shooting RAW. Shoot in Tiff or Jpg and it won't show at all.

What RAW developer are you using?


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Thanks for your reply. I shot the image in raw, then transferred the image to my computer and opened with Adobe CS2. When I go to choose camera profile, I get only one option, ACR 2.4. I think that this is because Adobe recognizes the Contax N Raw file as an older format?

I've virtually no experience with digital photography and/or camera raw files. One of the things I was really looking forward to was shooting using the camera to shoot in raw and really develop an understanding of the process.

As a result, I'd really like to get the sensor problem fixed or camera replaced.



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i have this problem on my nd, only shooting RAW. i think the rendering algorithm when shooting jpeg masks the problem. i recall that the issue is a sensor hardware issue. my work around is to record an action in photoshop. since the magenta line is always in the same place, i have saved a selection which is automatically loaded. then i apply a very small amount of gaussian blur. this sounds a bit of a weird workaround, but bear in mind that the line is one pixel thick, and the blurred line is just about invisible even at 300dpi printing.


Mark, CS2 always shows ACR 2.4 even for new cameras. Pay no attention to that. All that's really left to get into the ACR environment so you only have to do once, is dirt spot and dead pixel removal by cloning adjacent pixels