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Contax ND Where to fix it


Active Member
I own a Contax NDigital with the LCD glass (not really a glass, is a synthetic material) completly fogged.
Sandean Cameras just answered they are not able to fix it.
Any suggestion?
I coud ship it everywhere if necessary.



Active Member
These guys may be able to help, and refer you to someone more local to you possibly:
UK Service and Repair contact:
Alpha Digital Services Limited
Kyocera House,
111 Loverock Road
RG30 1DZ
Tel 01189 337000
Fax 01189 587950
Service and repair


Well-Known Member
Hi Ulisse,

A more pleasing situation is if I give you a €100/$100 plus some shipping for a pile of spares.



Well-Known Member
I have an ND as well and it's my understanding that the units all get shipped back to Japan if there is service to be done (specifically the ND, not other Contax products). In the US you would send it to ToCad.

Good luck!