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Contax NX Flash Help



Please look at the attached picture and say how the Shaddows are opposit in direction? On the left person the shadow is to the right and vise versa. Really confusing. Also the person who took the photograph was shorter in hight but the direction of the shaddow is as if there were two flash to the left and right of the camera at a hight and pointing down. THIS PHOTOGRAPH WAS TAKEN WITH THE NX AND BUILT IN FLASH. There were no strong ambient light to generate the shaddow.



About the "Lone gunman" theory.

When you took this photo could there have been a strobe (maybe another photographers) somewhere with a slave built onto it that was triggered by you flash? The guy on the left seems to bee closer to some light source more obvious side lighting. Was there someone behind and to your left. . . .There must have been a second gunman!


Interesting shadow situation Raj. I'm going to step out onto a ledge here and make a guess about the flash. I don't see evidence of a second flash. If you look at how the faces are lit by the flash, they look to be lit by only one source. The right edge of the shorter man's face is in more shadow than the left side of his face. The strongest light is hitting the taller mans face, on the left side especially. I'd make a guess the photographer was standing slightly to the left on this photo. It's a short shadow, not thrown far... there seems to only be one reflection in the glasses of the taller man's glasses on the left. There might be a small hot spot/reflection on the edge of the clock behind them. All in all, I think it was simply the positioning of the person with the camera, with the flash at maybe eye or nose level height to the taller man that created this shadow. If it were two lights their faces would be lit differently. Now that I have climbed out on a ledge on my assessment someone can tell me why I might be wrong


There was only one photographer, my wife and the person on right is me. I have never seen this type of flash result from a single flash! I am 5ft. 7inches the person on my left is 5ft. 10inches and my wife is 5ft. 4inches, but the shadow shows that the light source is coming from above but it is taken with the built in flash of NX. See another ex&le of this in the photograph below. Here also the shadow patern suggests that there we 2 flashes.


The only way to achieve this is by setting the camera in front of the flash. Look at attached image. If the distance between lens and flash on NX is great enough to achieve this I don't know. The distance between camera, persons and background will also be of importance.


The NX flash is a folding flash on top of the pentaprism I just noticed the person siting on extreme right has a shadow to his right while the middle person to his left! As per the liturature of NX the flash covers a contant angle of 28mm (doesn't have a zoom head) Anyway the photographs I have posted so a new NX user can understand the flash behaviour. Also one point I like to add is that it also underexposes by about a stop in situation like the above photographs.