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Contax PC Auto Bellows + Contax slide copier


New Member
The famous Contax PC Auto Bellows with tilt/shift/swivel movements + Contax Slide Copier.
Hard to find them as separate units. Almost impossible to find them together. I have yet to see them. Except mines.

E+ condition.

The paint is removed on the macro stand about 1 square inch.
Please PM me for pictures or google the title and you'll find my ad on a manual focus forum under the same nick.

$500 Paypaled and shipped worldwide for the whole set up.
The lens is NOT included.


1) Bellows $300 Paypaled + shipping
2) Slide copier $185 Paypaled + shipping

As a bonus for the buyer of the whole kit I'll ad a Contax 139 Quartz, motor winder,Contax Real Flash 540, battery pack, wire trigger,flash bracket,instruction booklet - at least $100 value.
Ad also $10-15 for the shipping. Bigger box.
Pick up in Montreal is welcomed.

Thank you for looking.