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Contax RTS II Locked Up with Lens on Help Please


New Member
Please see the problem I have having below with a Contax RTS II that I sold on eBay last week. The Camera is beautiful but the buyer is having a few problems with it. I’m new to Contax here and was hoping someone could throw out a suggestion as to what could be wrong and if it can be fixed.

“After I put a battery in it, I pressed the shutter with a 1.7 50mm lens. But it didn't work. The shutter seem to stick and the mirror doesn't move. The same problem is happening with the mechanical shutter. When the lens is not on, it works: the shutter fires with the correct mirror action.”

“When we put a lens on a camera, the iris becomes wide open due to a small knob on the lens. What I see on your camera is that there is a scratch made by the lens knob while mounting. That may give a hint of the origin of the problem. The problem may be somewhere around the bottom part of the lens mounting area on the camera”

“It seems that when the lens is on, the shutter doesn't fire and the mirror doesn't move -- The lens iris just sticks on the preset f-stop!”

Has anyone ever seen something like this for the Contax RTS II?

Any assistance greatly appreciated.

Best regards,


JT, I have the exact same problem with my RTSII. The mirror needs to be realigned, I believe. I just sent my camera to Ace Camera (the Contax-designated service provider for the RTSII), cost $160 with CLA. I haven't gotten the camera back yet. I'll find out more when I get it back (hopefully soon!). I have heard of another case like this, so it is not uncommon.


New Member
[Thank you for the response. I've heard from others that this is a common situation and not a big repair. I hope yours gets fixed too.]


New Member
I have the same problem - mirror stays up until lens is rotated. Can anyone recommend a reputable repair shop?

Thank you