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Contax RTS mirror trouble


New Member
Hi,two weeks ago i bought a Contax RTS,when it arrived i noticed that the mirror is locked up.The "mirror lock" lever is in the correct position (vertical).
Obviously i can't see trough the finder and i can't shoot.
Can you help me please?

I noticed also that when i mount a lens it works "stop down"


I'm afraid that sounds pretty terminal unless you can still wind on. Sometimes an old RTS (or similar camera) if stored over a long period can end up with the mirror stuck to the damper but that is easily dislodged. It sounds like your camera failed to complete a full cycle of the shutter. You may be able to shift it by removing the base plate and seeing if you can short the contact with the magnet - that can sometimes free up a part-cycled shutter. I'm pretty sure I've seen images of an RTS that's been opened at the base plate, showing you how to free a shutter/mirror; it should be worth Googling. Certainly the old Kyphoto camera repair site covered this and the archives have been added to one of the many user forums.

I'm sorry I didn't spot your message earlier as your obvious course of action would have been to get your money back from the seller as the camera is not fit for purpose.