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Contax RTSbroken lightmeter



Hello everybody,

I´ve just got a Contax RTS that I bought on eBay, I bought pretty cheap ($56), and I were aware of some troubles. What I didn´t know was that the lightmeter wont work.
Mayby I´m doing something wrong, but when I put the speedknob on A the camera fires the same time (about 4 seconds) even when I change the lens aparture. Inside the viewfinder there is only one or two lights lit at
the bottom of the scale.
The shutter works at every speed and the battery is fresh and the testlight is ok.
Is this sounding as some common problem on the Contax RTS, is this expensive to fix, how do I fix it.
Is this great camera possible to fix, or am I forced to use the camera with an extern lightmeter.


Mikael Karlsson