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Contax RX battery capacity - rolls per battery?

Fred Aspen

New Member
I just picked up an RX without a manual. What is the specified number of rolls of film the camera will do on a fresh 2cr5 battery?




Well-Known Member
There are rechargeable batteries available in this size. They are called R2CR5 and use a CFR005 charger. If you're in the UK then try this link:

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I've still got some non-rechargeable batteries left, so I'll be working through them before I start to use the R2CR5s. I don't have a real estimate as to how long they'll last for an RX as I have a AX, and I imagine it would be a heavier load for the batteries with the auto-focus and auto-wind.

Battery life info in manual -- here

According to the Rx manual (I just got an Rx), it says on page 232 that you can expect "about 150 rolls of 24-exposure film with a new lithium battery at ordinary temperatures, as tested according to Contax."