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Contax RX Titan 2000 eBay


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Just in case someone has some money burning a hole in their pockets I ran across an RX that I have never seen before, the Titan 2000. At first I thought it was ugly but the more I looked at it the cooler it got.

So, in the interest of prodding someone to buy it before I do, here is the link (it also is just kind of neat to see one if nothing else!)

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I recently saw a millenium Aria that was in silver as well... very unusual.


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Good Heavens, I have never seen anything like that. Do you think it mught be it a one off "customised" by some one?


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There are actually quite a few of these variations. I will dig out some shots and post them as soon as possible.


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Hi Paul,
Thanks for the pictures of the RX. Aren't some of them amazing? I think I prefer the basic black being a somewhat conservative type. I have never seen those variants in the metal and I wonder if they were for the Japanese market like I think the coloured recent Contax digital models mainly were. Did you get the details from Bob?