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Contax S2 rewind knob


Active Member
I recently bought an S2 of which I'm very happy, but I was surprised to discover that the rewind knob located at the bottom has no lock position, I mean it is very loose and thus double exposures can be done unintentionaly... Who can tell me something about that? Thanks.


I have had double exposed frames with my S2, but I thought there was some kind of problem with the double exposure knob, located on the same axis as the film winder. But now as you mention the film rewind button, I recall I have felt it to be a bit loose on some occations. But now, as I check both my S2 and my S2b, both rewind buttons are firm....
Is your rewind button always loose/unlocked?


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> No, The rewind button is firm when a film is loaded and loose when > not, although in this last case if the shutter is loaded it becomes

> firm.


New Member
Hi everybody,
I would like to know how many of you had problems with the rewind knob (I mean how many double exposure). It is my main concern, for the rest this camera seems perfect to me.
Thanks for your help!



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> Dear Tano,

I have been using the S2 since 1994, when it was bought new and I have never had or experienced any problems with the rewind know. Maybe it is a bit loose, or ill-fitting, and one can open the camera just too easily, but it clicks quite surely into position and does not cause any double exposure, because there is a dedicated arrowed lever for this purpose, kocated under the film advance lever.

The camera is good and reliable, and it's only recently that in photos taken in really really bright sunshine that a mystery brown thin line appears in one corner of the image. Maybe it's dirt or a negative scratch (strange because it does not appear in other shots with the same film and) or maybe the shutter (but then it would habe to be wider and not so sharp).


Robert >


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> I own my S2 since august and never had double-exposure problems. > Although the knob is a bit loose > it becomes firm when a film is loaded. regards, MJ


Hi Tano.

I had one 36 frame roll of film that about seven or eight frames came out double exposed on the S2. But that´s the only roll that I had this trouble with, so I suspect that that roll was either somewhat jammed or that I had managed to load it unproperly.

Thing is that when the double exposure accoured, the frame counter did not work either, just as when you use the double exposure lever. So, in my opinion, it must have been the double exposure lever that was causing this in some way, or that the film advance mechanism slipped, due to stiff film transport.

I do not suspect the film rewind knob causing this.

I sent the camera to the workshop and they told me that there was nothing wrong with it. But when I got it back, I noticed that they had lubed the area between the film winding lever and the double exposure lever......

I have now shot about ten more rolls with it and it´s working great.
My S2b have been working flawlessly since I got it.